Monthly Archives: September 2014

Block Fiona Woolf from chairing the CSA inquiry

Sign the petition to reverse the appointment of Fiona Woolf as chairwoman of the CSA inquiry. Somebody independent is needed who has no links with the Establishment and who will allow survivors to participate and be heard.

Click here to go to the petition.

In search for a head of the CSA inquiry

A lot of us have waited a long time to be heard. To have this inquiry, we are forced to accept a chair that many feel is compromised from the start by involving people who are one way or another linked to people of interest. It is not good enough to say “like it or lump it”. We want and deserve better than that.



 Welcome to Voices 4 Truth. This website has been created to share articles and latest news on the CSA enquiry in the UK. The website is a collection compiled by a group of survivors, campaigners and activists who believe that it is time to end the seemingly forever ongoing attempts by the UK Establishment to cover up the abuse of children by high placed officials, members of the government and entertainment industry.