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Terms of reference

David Burrows has offered to draft Terms of References to be submitted to the inquiry panel as Fiona Woolf does not seem to be very forth coming to get anything moving any time soon. Follow the link below for more details.

CSA: What does it mean to the public?

If you talk about Child Sexual Abuse (Referred to hereafter as CSA)  to the general public many people will not understand the full scale of it and what impact it has on society. Many will instantly think about the exploits of clerics in church communities and high profile cases past and present. Sadly many people will shrug it off and continue with their life as they do not feel affected in any way or shape as it is far away from them. Looking the other way, avoiding involvement and generally doing nothing will give Paedophiles more scope to freely do what they want to do with less chance of being caught and convicted.


Thank you for your support

Many thanks to you all who are contributing your comments here already. This really helps to make this this website alive with activity. It is our intention to create this space into an active web based community. As I am by no means a web designer, neither do I have any programming skills, I will keep things fairly simple. Over the coming weekend though I will look into the possibilities of creating a forum on this site to enable more interactive communication.