Block Fiona Woolf from chairing the CSA inquiry

Sign the petition to reverse the appointment of Fiona Woolf as chairwoman of the CSA inquiry. Somebody independent is needed who has no links with the Establishment and who will allow survivors to participate and be heard.

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23 thoughts on “Block Fiona Woolf from chairing the CSA inquiry

  1. Owen

    Fiona Woolf’s visit to Bahrain in February 2014 leading a British trade delegation in her role as Lord Mayor of London:
    two months after Amnesty International publish a briefing “Bahrain: Halt detention, abuse and torture of children” reporting that children as young as 13 are being routinely detained, ill-treated and tortured in Bahrain in contravention of Bahrain’s obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:

  2. Sophie Smith

    This appointment has given Theresa May carte blanche to delay and interfere with the inquiry. It seems Fiona Woolf doesn’t even have to respond to the Home Office Committee who say they will ‘continue to press her’ to attend an interview. There is a question of whether the Lady Mayor of London has ties to Mr and Mrs Leon Brittan but who knows what Theresa May’s relationship with the Brittan’s is based on either.

    Giving this sort of power to women who protect weak willed and incompetent men isn’t a new trend but one that doesn’t serve anyone but the abusers.

  3. James

    Does anyone have any updates on David Burrows’ legal challenge against Woolf’s appointment? There’s every chance that she will not be able to continue in her post.

    We definitely need to establish a parallel process, which can hold the government’s to account. A number of us are talking about such a process, and now is a very good time to get onto it.

    1. Owen

      Link to post at David Burrows’s blog reroducing his letter to the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority regarding Fiona Woolf’s ability to conduct the inquiry and potential conflict (28.9.2014):

      Also a post reproducing his open letter to Fiona Woolf concerning the perception of “bias” (7.9.2014):

      Also a subsequent post reproducing a letter to Fiona Woolf concerning her capacity to devote the necessary time to her duties in relation to the CSA inquiry (22.9.2014):

  4. Owen

    Link to Matthew Scott’s “Barrister Blogger” blog post about the appointment of Fiona Woolf to chair the CSA inquiry, the qualifications need to chair an inquiry, the appropriateness of a statutory or non-statutory format and issues concerning panel composition (6.9.2014):
    (“Comments” include a dicussion of Richard Webster’s book on Bryn Estyn)

  5. Owen

    On Tuesday 21 October 2014 the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee will take evidence on historic child abuse at 2.45pm in the Grimond Room, Portcullis House (next-door to Westminster Underground Station). Fiona Woolf CBE, Chair of the independent inquiry into historical child sexual abuse, will appear as witness before the Committee. The session can be watched on Parliament TV.

  6. Owen

    Link to Fiona Woolf’s letter to the Home Secretary further to her invitation to chair the Inquiry into the institutional response to child sex abuse, affirming that she does not have any “direct interest in the matters to which the inquiry relates”, she does not consider that she has a “close association with any interested party”, and she does not consider that any “possible past connection with the events or persons that are or may come under the inquiry’s scrutiny” could reasonably be regarded as “affecting my ability to
    deal independently and impartially with issues which the Inquiry Panel is to investigate” (letter dated 11.10.2014, published 21.10.2014):


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