CSA: What does it mean to the public?

If you talk about Child Sexual Abuse (Referred to hereafter as CSA)  to the general public many people will not understand the full scale of it and what impact it has on society. Many will instantly think about the exploits of clerics in church communities and high profile cases past and present. Sadly many people will shrug it off and continue with their life as they do not feel affected in any way or shape as it is far away from them. Looking the other way, avoiding involvement and generally doing nothing will give Paedophiles more scope to freely do what they want to do with less chance of being caught and convicted.

British society is becoming more aware of not only the wrong doings but also the scale of CSA past and present. Social Media has played a big part in this as many survivors and campaigners feel this the only way they are being heard. Investigative Journalists and sympathizers are seeking alternative platforms to help survivors seeking justice and exposure of the perpetrators and rings. However, the downside of this is that there is a small group of people who are also using these platforms to further their own interests. Some of them are certainly pro CSA campaigners but also incorporate their own theories often based on hearsay and insinuations not based on real facts. This can have a negative impact on the credibility of survivors towards the wider society as it will be looked upon as witch hunts based on rumors, theories and conspiracies. The Establishment is very much in favor of this as it provides the ammunition to discredit individuals and groups as part of their own efforts to cover up the many wrong doings within the Establishment.

Fortunately more is becoming known and the pressure has been put on to the government to not only carry out investigations into alleged abuse, but also enforce reviews and inquiries into past investigations. However, more often than not, these reviews are not carried out by independent bodies, making it easier to create cover ups. Whilst not CSA related, the Hillsborough case is a very good example and only recently after years of campaigns has there been a major achievement with at least some of the scale of the cover up at the time becoming apparent.

Another example of a government instigated cover up of alleged abuse can be found in the Netherlands. A private organization managed to push for a civil process to bring a case to light about a high government official of the Department of Justice who is alleged to have abused young boys. Previous investigations were carried out by members of the same department and were therefore easy to cover up and be kept under a lid. Fortunately with the recently obtained evidence this will develop into a criminal investigation next year.

CSA requires much more exposure to the public. It is up to society to help fight against this but much education is required to create understanding and compassion. Many people read about it in the paper but do not really feel involved. Fortunately recent years has brought more attention to the subject with high profile cases of convictions and exposure of individuals and rings. It is important though that not only the individuals are caught but that also the wider networks are brought down. There are Paedophiles operating individually but there are also wide networks worldwide that many Paedophiles will be connected to.

Society needs to stop burying its head in to the sand and acknowledge and respect survivors and help them to cope with their often difficult life. With Voices4Truth we want to provide a platform to survivors, campaigners, activists and sympathizers to be heard and bring CSA to the attention of the wider society.